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After building a cadre of appearances in the secular Urban market, International Show has shifted his life and music to a faith-driven focus. Show’s overall Hip-Hop artistry eschews a common notion that Holy Hip-Hop is soft, trite, and contrived. Show’s work is edgy, lyrical, poignant, and musically excellent.

Like most people who turn their lives over to the Will of God, Show comes with a storied past. He’s endured homelessness. He grew up without his father and travailed through family issues; including an annulled marriage. However, Show took the textures from his past and used them as tools to mold him into the man, artist, and musician he is today. He is a man that accepts his flaws, and acknowledges the greater work to be done to fulfill God's mandate for his life.

Whether people are struggling and searching, or if they are currently living a Christian lifestyle, Show believes connection is only possible through transparency. Rather than leaving his past in the past, he shares his story to his audience without shame. He opens the dialog. He understands that part of his calling requires him to utilize his gift to uplift and inspire others through his music.

A mature and seasoned musician, songwriter, and audio engineer, International Show attended Berklee College of Music in Boston and is now one of the most sought after producer-engineers in the industry. His ability to create music for multiple genres earned him a place in the "elite" producers category. International Show has worked with various artists throughout the US and abroad. Prior to his work in Christian Hip-Hop, Show served in many studio capacities on major releases by some of the most prominent names in Hip-Hop. To that end, his work has been heard repeatedly on mainstream radio, television, and media outlets.

Show values the importance of giving back to the communities that have given to him. In early 2008, he established a full-service audio production company, Standing Ovation Entertainment, which highlights musical accomplishments paired with dedication to community and youth development. Students with audio and musical aspirations from Boston Green Academy, Boston Arts Academy, and various after-school programs have visited the studio on field trips and career-day studies.

With a desire to be used as a vessel of God, Show hopes to motivate others by demonstrating how the Most High loves us through our imperfection and that He has a unique purpose for each person to fulfill.